Your customers are the life blood of your business.

Carpenter pencils are the most basic form of marketing.
Carpenter pencils are the most basic form of marketing.

The purpose of all your marketing and advertising efforts is to connect with your customers. This covers everything from carpenter pencils to special sales events.

Every time your customers visit your yard and store they are connecting with you. Countertop sales flyers are the most direct way to reach them at the checkout.

But once your customers leave the store the connection is broken. What options do you then have to reach them?

Media ads in print and radio are the shotgun approach. They are expensive and are focussed on the general public. Your message gets blasted out into a wide audience but only reaches a few of your real customers.

This is where the Lumberyard App comes into play. Push notifications give you a laser focussed connection with your customers. This works really well because push notifications resemble text messages and contractors prefer text messages for their day-to-day communications.

The app is your new laser-focussed marketing tool.

Your app lives on your customers’ phones. Think of it as your broadcasting outpost right there on the number one communication tool your customers use every day.

We can help you to develop a smart push notification strategy that will get your messages noticed and read. When you do this correctly your Lumberyard App supports and optimizes all of your marketing efforts.

Your mobile responsive website plus your customized Lumberyard App give you the best all-around digital marketing solution for today’s changing world.

  1. How can the app really build my connection with my customers? Right now they already know my lumberyard and the people who work there.

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