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Your Mobile Responsive Website Teamed Up With Your Custom App 

You ​​NEED both

​We are using a very simple, fictional website ​called 'Your Lumberyard' as our example.

Your lumberyard has a mobile responsive web site.
It’s a must-have in today’s world. 

Your website is designed to draw in customers and make all your important information readily available:    locations, hours, contact info, events, account log-In, your story/your brand, and more.   

However, your website has some inherent limitations. It is designed to inform, but it DOES NOT reach out and engage your customers. 

Email and newsletters are OK but easily get put aside and ignored. 

If you really want to engage your customers on a regular basis, then you need to optimize your outreach functionality. The app provides you with this.

W​hy Y​ou S​hould L​isten T​o M​e

I'm a builder with accounts at three of our local lumberyards. Back in 2009, during the Great Recession my referral-based business dried up. That was also the time when the big national online contractor referral websites expanded their presence; Yelp, Angie's List, Home Advisor (under a different name). Houzz had just started. 

But there was no ​LOCAL ​contractor referral website. So I decided to start one based upon the trusted professionals I knew. Membership has always been based on referral. The Santa Cruz Construction Guild is now in its 10th year of operation. We are a local success. We hold our own against the big national contractor referral services because we are LOCAL


From the beginning our three independent local lumberyards have been members. Our first public meeting and launch was held at Big Creek Lumber, which also hosted many of our subsequent workshops and get-togethers. A Big 'Thank YouTo Big Creek Lumber.

The Lumberyard App developed out of this experience.

Our first app  for the Santa Cruz Construction Guild was published in 2016. Its primary function is to send homeowner job requests by push notifications to the members. Also job board requests (looking to hire, looking for work, resumes), events listings, tool theft alerts, etc.

SCCG App Home screen
Monument Lumber App Home screen

Our Lumberyard App project began in 2016 and went through many changes and refinements based on trial and error, and feedback from contractors and lumberyards. We had a successful launch with the Monument Lumber App in late 2018. Monument Lumber is #1!

​Mark Shugart, ​Owner

​Monument Lumber

Our app has been a great way to communicate with our customer base, it's very fast and takes very little time. Our app has a lot of useful product information and building codes to keep our customers up to date with industry changes. I would recommend it for other lumberyards. 


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Home screen


This app is designed to optimize the 'public outreach' of your lumberyard. It  is designed to be a useful and handy tool that your customers will appreciate.  The content can be continuously updated and edited.


One Click From App To Your Website

  • Your website is instantly available
  • Instant access to all the information on your website
  • The app provides content that's not available on your website
  • App content designed to be of real use out on the job site
  • Website and app complement each other
  • Get more value from your website investment
  • Your app is your outpost on your customers mobile phone 
  • App content is customized for you and your contractor audience
  • Combine website 'Pull' with app 'Push' technology  


Push Notifications    

  • ​Send push notifications directly to your customers.
  • ​Supports all of your current marketing efforts.
  • Push notifications have higher open rates than email.
  • ​Push notifications can be targeted to specific locations.
  • Announce a sale
  • Send reminders of the sale
  • Announce new products
  • Announce new features added to the app
  • Real-time reminders  of events
  • Gives you instant contact with your customers 


Do you provide online account access for your customers? 

  • Simple log-in through the app 
  • User name and password required
  • Any ERP functionality available on your website is accessible through the app.
  • "How much do I owe?"  
  • Delivery confirmations


Your Facebook Business Page on the app

  • See your Facebook page feed on the app
  • Support your Facebook postings
  • Expand your audience
  • Build your reach


Promote Your Sale Events

  • ​​Current sale items
  • Publish sale flyers
  • Promote tool specials
  • Add photos and description of sale items
  • ​Get your customers into your store
  • Instant sales to move inventory
  • Promote sales at specific store locations
  • Create app-only sales
  • Overstock sales


Great For Lunch Time Reading!

  • ​​Link reviews with in-store tool promotion and sales
  • ​​Contractors love tools
  • Supports Contractor Tool Drool Syndrome (CTDS)
  • ​​Inform and educate about latest technology
  • You can customize the selection of tool reviews 
  • Portable table saw reviews
  • Chop box reviews
  • Drill reviews etc.
  • Head to head tool comparisons
  • Learn about the latest developments


Practical How-To Information By Top Professionals

  • JLC Newsletter
  • JLC website
  • Hammer and Hand Best Practices
  • Selected videos
  • Customized for you and your contractors 
  • Trade skills
  • Business skills
  • Computer skills
  • Workshop events


Really handy for installation questions on the job  

  • Print guides and videos
  • All organized by manufacturer
  • Everything in one place
  • Easy to find what you're looking for
  • Much simpler than searching on small mobile browser
  •  Save time and frustration
  • ​​Reduce installation errors
  • Get questions answered quickly
  • Printed installation guides can get lost
  • All installation guides and videos of  your top suppliers
  • Everything up to date


This section customized for you

  • Local Jurisdictions
  • ​Direct links to the main Building and Planning  departments in your area
  • Codes & Regulations
  • Customized to your specifications
  • About This App
  • You get the copyright to your customized version of the app
  • Any local links you want to promote


​Horizontal view makes the app so much more enjoyable to use when watching videos or reading manufacturer installation guides with diagrams.

Some things are so much easier to view in horizontal orientation

We're used to holding our phones upright in vertical view. But there are times when it's just so much easier to read installation guides, documents and websites in horizontal orientation. Our app works in both orientations where that extra width really counts.

​Installation Videos

​You can quickly and easily watch manufacturer installation videos right from inside the app. Since most installation videos are shot in horizontal mode, that's the best way to view them. Videos load up into full frame, they are larger, for easier viewing. Go ahead, click the play button and watch the video...

Local Contractor Videos

Your contractors may have unique videos, time lapses of builds, or just cool job site videos. They ​could submit their videos right from within the app for you to publish. If done right this can be a great way to promote  your contractors work. Go ahead, click the play button and watch the Boyd and Sons video published on the Monument Lumber app we built in 2018.


Contractors are busy 

​Contractors already know your store locations, hours, where your materials are stored, who to talk to in case they have any questions, etc. 

The only reason  for them to visit your website is to log in to their account and check their invoices and balance.

You can build a much stronger connection by adding the special app functionality that helps them get answers quickly out on the job, build knowledge and skill, and most importantly, get more closely connected with your lumberyard.

Carpenter with phone

Helps Your Customers

  • To Succeed
  • Build knowledge and skill
  • Get answers quickly out on the job
  • Prefer you over the big box stores

Builds Your Success

  • Customer loyalty
  • Repeat business
  • Good publicity
  • Build your local authority

Your biggest asset is your loyal customer base

Let us show you how you can engage them more. Sign up below to test drive a sample app.

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