The Lumberyard App

Imagine a resource for contractors so useful that they would use it almost daily, while also giving you a way to communicate with them, let them know about events and sales, and keep your branding in front of them. Introducing... The Lumberyard App.


Valuable resources right at your customer's fingertips.

Features & Benefits

Packed full of useful resources. Since it's often easier to read PDFs in horizontal orientation, the app supports both horizontal and vertical views.
  • Codes & Regulations

    From the websites of your local regulatory bodies to the entire Code Check Illustrated Guides collection, we've included the most valuable Codes & Regulations resources for contractors.
  • Local Jurisdictions

    Quickly reference your local jurisdiction websites and useful web pages, right from within the app. No need to tediously type the addresses into your browser.
  • Construction Calculators

    Making the math easy! With construction calculators, span tables and more you've got a quick and easy way to do those calculations with you all the time.
  • Installation Guides

    Easily find and check the top manufacturers installation guides and video tutorials all from within the app.
  • Your Contact and Location Information

    Of course we want to make it easy for your customers to contact or visit you. We have your contact numbers, open hours, addresses and maps to your locations, as well as an email form.
  • Events & Push Notifications

    Make it easy to your customers know the details of upcoming events, special offers and sales, and more. Send short 'push notifications' direct to their phones through the app.
  • And Much More...

    Customized for your locale, your customers, and featuring your branding throughout the app.