Your app is customized for you

Your Lumberyard is unique. It has its own history and story. Your company’s brand, message and mission statement is on your website. You can now add your custom branded app icon right on your customers’ phones.

Think of the app as the new active ‘reach-out’ functionality to complement your website. It highlights your brand, logo and those elements of your website that are of real value to your customers,

such as:

  • Locations, map and hours
  • Direct dial phone numbers
  • ‘Get-a-quote’ form
  • Customer account log-in
  • Sales flyers
  • Special events
  • and more

Your own unique company brand and message can now be on your customer’s mobile phone with the added functionality of sending your messages directly out via push notifications.

Useful Content

On top of that we provide you with a selection of interesting content that is of real value to your customers.

  • Installation guides
    • Quick and easy access
    • All organized in one place
    • Much faster than using your mobile phone browser
  • Local jurisdictions
    • Building, planning and inspection departments
    • Quick links for fast connection
  • Resources
    • Codes and regulations
    • Construction calculators
    • Local links and alliances
    • Local associations
    • Disaster readiness
    • What valuable content can you provide here?
    • Customize this section to build your brand
  • Construction Digest
  • The best newsfeed for articles and videos of real interest to contractors.
    • Top notch content that is relevant and up-to-date
      • Tool reviews
      • How-to
      • News
      • Podcasts
      • From trusted professionals
      • Always current and updated

Do you have any ideas on customizing your app? Let’s talk about it. We make it easy.

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