We at LumberyardApp are a small team focussed on providing our customers with their own uniquely customized app. We take our time with each app and provide great individual service and communication. We therefore limit the number of apps we build. We have discovered a unique way to bring down the costs of building your custom app. Take a look.

How the app came to be

Hi, I’m Mike Hartrich. I’m a licensed general contractor specializing in residential building and remodeling in Santa Cruz, CA.

Back in 2009 ‘The Great Recession’ hit my construction business hard. All of a sudden work dried up. There were no more job calls or referrals from my network of happy customers. That was a rude shock. I was not alone. Most of my peers were in the same boat. This recession was not just an annoying inconvenience; it became a real challenge to survive and get through. 

I took a look at some of the contractor referral websites that were popping up then as part of the new Internet boom; Yelp, Service Magic, Angie’s List, and such. Houzz was started in 2009. But I didn’t find a service that was local and based upon real local referrals. As I now had some time on my hands I decided to put something together for our local market. In September 2009 the Santa Cruz Construction Guild (SCCG) was launched.

From the beginning our local lumberyards were a big part of this venture and remain so to this day. Our first big meeting was held at Big Creek Lumber at their new 7th Ave location.

All members get a fully customized one-page member page with pictures, feedback and contact form.

Obviously I did not have the skill sets to publish websites, let alone apps. I was lucky to find really good help with this new digital enterprise. My main web admin Donna M. has been with me from the very beginning. She runs the technical side of things and trains our staff.

The time was right and the SCCG grew quickly.

The Santa Cruz Construction Guild soon became an integral part of the local construction world.

Even as the big national contractor referral sites grew in influence we have always had a steady stream of website visitors and eventual customers for our members. Customers prefer the local connection. It is seen as more trustworthy.

All Construction is Local

Next Steps

In 2016 we did a major upgrade of the website.

Founded in 2009

After the launch of the new website I got the idea to add an app into the mix.

We all use our mobile phones and an app is the best way to reach your people via push notifications. We use this feature primarily to alert our members about new job requests.

Members get these notifications on their phones and can follow up immediately.

The Lumberyard App

The practical use of an app to let members know about new job prospects and other timely information got me thinking. This would be a really good tool for local lumberyards. That’s how the Lumberyard App project started.

By now we are experts at building apps for lumberyards economically and fast. My background as a builder and customer of local lumberyards has shaped the design of the app. The app is then customized to your business and brand.

Apps are tricky. They are much more complicated than websites. Both Google and Apple regularly update their app codes, which requires an update to any published apps. Setting up your developer account with both Apple and Google ia another hurdle. As a builder I don’t much enjoy or understand ‘Geek Talk’, nor do I want to. So we’ve made the process of building your app it as simple as possible. Dog Simple

We know the business. We pride ourselves on excellent service. We provide ongoing support and customization. We take care of every step and make it as easy as possible for you. Dog Simple.