We Have a Website.  Why Do We Need an App?

Home Depot has a web site and an App. So does Menards. Why did these companies and others add App functionality to their online presence? They know that the shortest and most direct connection to their customers is via their cell phones, especially during the day.  Most contractors and tradespeople don’t use laptops on their job sites. Mobile phones are the key device for finding, sending and receiving information while out in the field. 

Now you can have an App as well! It's not as expensive as you might think!

The Problem

Your website is available on your customers’ mobile phones, but that does not mean it’s effective. It’s much easier to navigate your website on a laptop or desktop computer due to the larger screen size. You can’t just put a big screen website on a small screen mobile phone without sacrificing ease of use and quality of view. That’s why Apps were developed specifically for mobile phones.

The Solution

An App for you designed by us will contain the most important parts of your web site that your contractors use – account login, etc. – while also providing additional valuable content like installation guides that may not be on your website, and are extremely hard to find on most manufacturers' websites. Each App is highly customized for your lumberyard, with information about your locations, your specific order forms and more.

Account Login

Enabling website account login allows customers to access their accounts through the App, enhancing their experience. This seamless integration simplifies user interaction and fosters customer engagement and loyalty.

Quote Requests and Orders

Even if you don’t provide online ordering on your web site, the App will contain Forms so that your customers can get quotes, order items, request rentals, etc.  We'll work with you to customize this section.

Installation Guides

We provide Guides for products from over 30 major manufacturers. They are organized in sequence and easy to find on the App. We’ll list only the brands you carry, so it’s customized for you. Your customers will appreciate the ease of finding the guides while on the job site!


We provide standard Calculators for Concrete, Gravel, Sand, Paint and more!  Your customers have access to these at their fingertips while out in the field.

Construction Digest

This is a popular feature that provides news your customers can use. We have a great curation service that gathers the latest news organized into three sections: Tools & Gear, How To and Materials. Updated weekly. Great for reading while taking a break at the job site!

Push Notifications

You will have the ability to send notifications to all your customers when you wish. They will see these notifications in the App and/or on the home screen of their phones. A lot more effective than emails, which are largely ignored

... has the potential to transform how information is disseminated.

Ken DunhaM

Every so often you see a new concept for this industry that has the potential to transform how information is disseminated. The Lumberyard App may just be that new concept.