Lumberyard App Pricing

  • The annual subscription fee is $7500, which includes maintenance and updates.
  • There is a $1500 deposit fee to build a preview of your App. There is no contract and no strings attached. We’ll work with you and build your App to bring it to the point where it’s ready to publish. If you are happy with what we’ve built and decide to move ahead, we will do the additional work to publish it and bill you the remaining $6000 for Year 1. (It will cost us more than $1500 to build the Preview for you, but we are happy to do so because we think you will love what you see!)
  • Each year after that we will bill an annual subscription fee of $7500.

The subscription price includes:

  • The initial cost to build and publish the app
  • Any subsequent modifications to the app
  • Ongoing management, maintenance and updates (as required by Apple and Google)
  • Monitoring and fixing broken links in the installation guides, etc.
  • Adding new content to the Construction Digest feature
  • Working with you to make your app a success